5 days in Algiers

I met my realy good friend Jughurta, based in Barcelona and originary from Algeria, Kabylie, some years ago .

I knew this friendship, one day , lead me in Algéria..

I didn’t kwow how it would happen!

To day, it is. For the first  event he is producing in Algiers, a concert.

You could travel with, reading this memory.

Alger Bastion des rencontres - Copie


Leaving Barcelona with Pau. 21st morning and visitind Alger Casbah.

Jughurta 1 is waiting for us at Alger airport.

Jughurta  is organising a concert in the Cathedral of Algiers on 23rd of november 2013.

We are coming to support him,  as friends and Pau,  who is photograh, www.pauesculies.com  is in charged to take photos of event.

First day, after dropping luggages, in the house hotel Ben Smen, which is owning by Jesuites, an old palace


Exterior of rich buildings, in Algiers seems rude


Ottoman architecture shows austere facades and richly decored interiors.

http://algeriemonbeaupaysretrouve.olympe.in/darbensmen.htm ,

then, we went , by car to the old center of Algiers, La Casbah,

Casbah is the old walled city, built by Ottoman people.


We have had a quick visit  an  ottoman Palace, Dar AZIZA, Place des Martyrs,   XVI century palace, which was used by  Ottoman governors of Algiers, as residence.


Just in front of it, Dar Hassan Pacha, built in 1790


and the Mosque Ketchaoua both under renovation works.


Few distant of there, we met a nice old man making coffers and tables in Berbere style.


That old man is also a musician making round over the world with the group El Gusto,  Mohamed Ferkioui:



Climbing the street toward Sidi Abderrahmane’s  Mausoleum we made a stop to taste a speciality of Algiers:


La Carantita


Sidi Abderrahmane’s  Mausoleum


the harbour, here,  seen from Sidi Abderrahmane’s  Mausoleum


Down casbah, after a fish meal in front of the fisher harbour, inside the wall we went to  the Bastion 23 built from 1576, as a defense building in front of sea, by Otoman Dey.





the 23 palace, facing sea, to defender accès of harbour and city




and then visiting the top, Basilica “Notre Dame d’ Afrique”.


22sd of November, preparing concert in Cathedrale

The musicians, Jonas Müller and Rabbah Hamrene,  http://jonasmuller.com/lest-dans-louest/

were invited to play by  Jughurta

That day was dedicated to prepare the the concert of tomorrow: Piano delivery, meeting archipriest, sacristan…




The Algier cathedral chorus as un heart


Photos by Pau Esculies www.pauesculies.com

Afternoon, we went, walking through  the parc de Libertés to “Le musée National des antiquités”


23th of november: Day of concert:


Introducing music “East in west”.


Congratulations at intermission:  Yoghourta, Jughurta, Jonas, François, Rabah.

24th of november:

A trip to Tipasa, ruins Roman site on sea side.

40 Km from Algiers.


The site of Tipasa


Jughurta, Rabah,Jonas, Pau


Juba II’s tomb

For histoty:


25th of november

Visit of museum of art

Very beautifull place containing 8000 works from XVII  to XX century.

Situated above the “ Jardin d’Essais”



Martyrs monument :



And then going back to Barcelona.

It was my first step in Algeria, but not the last.

It gave me the taste to met again that kindly and smiling people, in that beautifull land.
I hope my friend Yoghourta will organise many events in the next future, and I know he will.


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