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N’jamena Tchad Capital

Visiting a friend in N’djamena, I could see some amazing places.

All you can see in such a country is so surprising,  so much contrasting with what we can see in industrials countries.

Nature and natural life is every where to excite our curiosity.

Taking pictures is difficult in the city, forbidden, so I had to be discreet to do.

I could take some :



Traffic in the city



showing the city like a worksite, with  really new buildings and roads  growing up from land.


poultry market


Jardin sur le bord du Chari


Landing stage on River Chari





By countering frontally our opponent, it is possible that, unintentionally, we help him to strengthen:
1) If he wins the joust, by operating a better strategy than ours
2) If the observers retain only certain appearances.

By consolidating him in what seems to us to be his errors, until those become obvious to all people,  and can become to him even,  we can help him to improve.

Unless it is us who are brought to amend us…

And both parts to find the peace.


- En contrant de front un adversaire, il se peut que, sans le vouloir, nous l’aidionsà se renforcer:

1) S’il gagne la joute, en mettant en œuvre une meilleure stratégie que la nôtre

2) Si les observateurs ne retiennent que certaines apparences.

En le confortant dans ce que nous pensons constituer ses erreurs, jusquà ce que celles ci deviennent évidentes à tous, et peut être à lui même, nous pouvons l’aider à s’amender….

A moins que ce soit nous qui soyons amenés, à nous amender.

Et les deux parties de trouver la paix.



Thinking compassion , mind,  patience are good things,  is’nt enough to develope them.
It’s facing difficulties that will make us in situation to practice them.
Who will create such oportunities ?
There are ours enemies.
There are the ones who cause us most problems…
If we want to progress, we would to consider they are our best teachers.

For those who like compassion and love,
practice of tolerance is essential.
For that an enemy is indispensable.

We ought to feel gratitude towards them,
there are the ones who better help us to develope a quiet spirit.
Somethimes, when circontances change, our enemies become friends.

Anger and hatred always hurt us,
Unless we train our mind to reduce theirs fatal strengths,
they’ll continue their diruptive works and prevent us from developing a quiet spirit.

They are the anger and the hatred which are our real enemies
They are the strengths of which we need to face and win.
Our physical enemies do not are our real enemies,
They are only crossing in our life, in escape way.

According to Tenzin Gyatso – Dalai Lama


Penser que la compassion la raison et la patience sont de bonnes choses ne suffit pas à les développer.

C’est devant les difficultés que nous pourrons les exercer.

Qui va créer ces occasions ?   Ce sont nos ennemis.

Ce sont eux qui nous causent le plus de problèmes…

Si nous désirons progresser, nous devrions les considérer comme nos meilleurs maîtres.

Pour ceux qui chérissent la compassion et l’amour,

la pratique de la tolérance est essentielle.

Pour cela un ennemi est indispensable.

Nous devrions éprouver de la gratitude à leur égard,

ce sont eux qui nous aident le mieux à développer un esprit tranquille.

Parfois, à la faveur de changements de circonstances, nos ennemis deviennent des amis.


Ce sont la colère et la haine qui font toujours du mal

A moins que nous exercions nos esprits à réduire leurs forces néfastes,

elles poursuivront leur œuvre perturbatrice et nous empêcheront de développer un esprit calme.

Ce sont la colère et la haine qui sont nos véritables ennemis

Elles sont les forces dont nous avons besoin pour faire face et vaincre.

Nos ennemis physiques ne sont pas nos véritables ennemis,

ils ne font que passer dans notre vie de manière fugitive.

D’après Tenzin Gyatso- Dalaï Lama


5 days in Algiers

I met my realy good friend Jughurta, based in Barcelona and originary from Algeria, Kabylie, some years ago .

I knew this friendship, one day , lead me in Algéria..

I didn’t kwow how it would happen!

To day, it is. For the first  event he is producing in Algiers, a concert.

You could travel with, reading this memory.

Alger Bastion des rencontres - Copie


Leaving Barcelona with Pau. 21st morning and visitind Alger Casbah.

Jughurta 1 is waiting for us at Alger airport.

Jughurta  is organising a concert in the Cathedral of Algiers on 23rd of november 2013.

We are coming to support him,  as friends and Pau,  who is photograh, www.pauesculies.com  is in charged to take photos of event.

First day, after dropping luggages, in the house hotel Ben Smen, which is owning by Jesuites, an old palace


Exterior of rich buildings, in Algiers seems rude


Ottoman architecture shows austere facades and richly decored interiors.

http://algeriemonbeaupaysretrouve.olympe.in/darbensmen.htm ,

then, we went , by car to the old center of Algiers, La Casbah,

Casbah is the old walled city, built by Ottoman people.


We have had a quick visit  an  ottoman Palace, Dar AZIZA, Place des Martyrs,   XVI century palace, which was used by  Ottoman governors of Algiers, as residence.


Just in front of it, Dar Hassan Pacha, built in 1790


and the Mosque Ketchaoua both under renovation works.


Few distant of there, we met a nice old man making coffers and tables in Berbere style.


That old man is also a musician making round over the world with the group El Gusto,  Mohamed Ferkioui:



Climbing the street toward Sidi Abderrahmane’s  Mausoleum we made a stop to taste a speciality of Algiers:


La Carantita


Sidi Abderrahmane’s  Mausoleum


the harbour, here,  seen from Sidi Abderrahmane’s  Mausoleum


Down casbah, after a fish meal in front of the fisher harbour, inside the wall we went to  the Bastion 23 built from 1576, as a defense building in front of sea, by Otoman Dey.





the 23 palace, facing sea, to defender accès of harbour and city




and then visiting the top, Basilica “Notre Dame d’ Afrique”.


22sd of November, preparing concert in Cathedrale

The musicians, Jonas Müller and Rabbah Hamrene,  http://jonasmuller.com/lest-dans-louest/

were invited to play by  Jughurta

That day was dedicated to prepare the the concert of tomorrow: Piano delivery, meeting archipriest, sacristan…




The Algier cathedral chorus as un heart


Photos by Pau Esculies www.pauesculies.com

Afternoon, we went, walking through  the parc de Libertés to “Le musée National des antiquités”


23th of november: Day of concert:


Introducing music “East in west”.


Congratulations at intermission:  Yoghourta, Jughurta, Jonas, François, Rabah.

24th of november:

A trip to Tipasa, ruins Roman site on sea side.

40 Km from Algiers.


The site of Tipasa


Jughurta, Rabah,Jonas, Pau


Juba II’s tomb

For histoty:


25th of november

Visit of museum of art

Very beautifull place containing 8000 works from XVII  to XX century.

Situated above the “ Jardin d’Essais”



Martyrs monument :



And then going back to Barcelona.

It was my first step in Algeria, but not the last.

It gave me the taste to met again that kindly and smiling people, in that beautifull land.
I hope my friend Yoghourta will organise many events in the next future, and I know he will.


Station téléphone


Please click on, to enlarge photos

The picture on the front page shows a girl sending phone communications under Umbrella, on pavement of central Yangon, end of 2012.

Please open the Yangon map by clicking the following link: http://consult-myanmar.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/CM-Yangon-Map-3b.jpg

1st day 30 september 2012, looked arond downtown . Going from Kandawgyi lake toward Sule Pagoda, harbour , Shwe dagon Pagoda road, Maha Bandoola road, Bogyoke Market

long Kandawgyl Lake2

Following along Kawndawgy lake, and zoo long zoo

Continuing Gyophu street, to railways station Train station

Towards downtown, from railways bridge Train station10

Crossing Bogyoke aung san Rd downtown, Sule Pagoda Rd to join the first avenue in realantic center, Sule Pagoda road

Sule pagoda Rd2

at the bottom, you can see Sule Pagoda which is central point of City center

Sule pagoda Rd3

Towards harbour, throught main and secondary streets, all parallels Downtown2


Grande poste2

The main post office on Strand Road ( facing harbour) Grande poste

inside the main post office

Yangon river Pansodan Jety3

Yagon river

Stand Hotel

Strand Hotel, Strant road(river bank) the best well known hotel of britanic period.

On river bank

Sommething curious in this town : Many important lands seem vacant, abandoned. Many civil services have been tranfered to Naypyidaw

After walking along harbour, I followed Shwe Dagon Pagoda RD

Swe Dagon Pagoda2Rd


Swe Dagon Pagoda3Rd

Swe Dagon Pagoda5Rd

Three very interessant colonian period houses on Shwe Dagon Pagoda Road.

To enjoy a panoramic vews one told me to go to restaurant of Sakura Tower , at corner Bogyoke Aung san Road and Sule Pagoda road.

Here you are:

Pano NO

North west you can see on right Shwe dagon Pagoda

Pano Nord1 (2)

Pano Nord4

North, Aung San sports ground and Stadium

Pano Nord6


North East, Central station

Pano ouest1


Pano sud2

South, Yangon river, Sule Pagoda


Sule Pagoda road, Sule Pagoda, Yangon river

Pano sud2

Mahabandoola Rd2

Downtown is full of little shops for ironmongery, restaurants, jewelleries, printers,  bookshops, clothes,  beauty produces, hairdresers, and front of them, are smaller dealers with tables and stools set on pavement , fruits (Grapefruits,  grape,  oranges, cumquats,  small bananas,  many fritters fried in the oil, the juice of sugarcane with just sugar frech squeezed in the press..), vegetables(concombres, petites aubergines, autres..), chikens, fishes. Sometimes trays are placed directly  on the ground, in the middle of  the road, in small streets.

Buildings are big ones roughtcast off, nine or ten floors with bars and clothes on windows.

Mahabandoola Rd3

Two interessant vews from a pedestrian bridge on Maha Bandoola Road, very popular and commercial place.

In Maha Bandoola Road, I met Y. T. , who show me three empty flat to sold to refurbished, 9th floor just above Sule Pagoda.

1. 2250 ft2= 209m2 pour 250000$= 193500€ soit 925,83 €/m2

2. 1850ft2= 171,87m2 pour 200000$ = 154710€ soit 900€/m2


He told me he bought a flat 300 000 usd to rent to japanese people3500usd/mois, soit 42000usd/an.

7 years amotization.

Use can be private or commercial.
Only price of electricity change : 70Kts / kwh for commercial et use, 50Kts for private one.

9ême floor to sell

Walking back to Bogyke Aung San Road, Ihad o moment in Bogyoke Market

Bogyote Market2

Bogyote Market3

Bogyote Market4

Bogyote Market5

Not far, ancient railways Headquarter built in 1877 , beautifull place which will be converted in next future, I heard.

Railways Headquarter

After this meeting, I decide to have a look on British club which had great importance in past.

I cross back the Railways station bridge, I follow Gyophu street, Alanpyapagoda street, to find british area, embassy, Club, Methodist churh…

I get down by Yaw Min Gy Street, by stopping me to takes pictures of three interessant colonial houses, in bad state:

Yaw Min Gyl street2

Yaw Min Gyl street3

Yaw Min Gyl street6

I find again Bogyoke Aung san Rd, towards Pyay Rd, going along psychiatric Hospital on right , and général Hospital on left.

I suddently feel like I was in Douala, same atmosphere, at falling night.

I Continue Pyay Rd to Taw Win center :

Pyay Rd

On left we can see a rich residential district, big houses with house keeper in front, hidden under big trees so that the two commercial centers on Pyay rd, facing together seems to me going out from nothing: Shops on ground level, modest supermarket underground, the first I had to see.

I get out to walk along a low enlighted street.

On the othe side of the street, no lights but very little ones of merchants under their tent.

Here still, I recognize Douala’s atmosphere (1982)

Here is, in Taw win street the most sofisticated Hotel, Governor residence Hotel:

It”s composed by low wooden buildings, on a pool. Teraces on pool, rooms in bungalows, or on up floors, Dense vegetation.

Sad and felted atmosphere. Price of rooms : 290 usd

I met people but could’nt take pictures of restaurants, buildings, night clubs.

I’ll try to do next time.

Je visite Pansodan Business Tower, un chantier, rencontre M. S. qui me donne les coordonnèes du constructeur Niang.
Puis je visite deux autres chantiers de Father Land et U Eaik Tun, tours en finition.
Siège Ahlone Tower, 2nd floor, StandRoad, Ahlone Township, Yangon. 01211430
Puis visite siege de Father Land, rencontre Saw Leir Larr.
Propose Down town 90m2 pour 2300 laks soit 230000000 Kyats = 255000$ SOIT 2800$ LE m2

Je vais à China town pour m’informer du marché de l’or. Résultat pauvre ci dessous:
mesure de l’or = tical
1kg = 60,2 ticals
Mais je ne comprends plus mes notes. A revoir.
Je reviens vers Bogyoke, et je m’intalle dans un petit jardin d’un restaurant.
Coup de barre, je ne parviens même pas à lire une ligne.Vue sur les batiments des Chemins de fer

stop sur le chemin de l’aéroport, au bord du lac Inlay.
Deux repaires, la maison de Daw Aung San Su Kyi et l’ambassade USA.
Très joli endroit. Certainement le meilleur de Yangon.
Je me suis arrêté au Zéphir café, et je suis assis dans l’herbe, au bord de l’eau.
Trois filles viennent caqueter juste derrière moi.
Plus tard je vais rencontrer un fort sympatique garçon qui viendra au devant de moi, et me parlera de ses activités, s’informera des miennes.
Nous échangerons nos adresses.

A part la maison de DASSK, et l’USA embassy. Je vois ce joli café , un club de natation, the Myanmar yachting federation, Il y a aussi des hotels, un night club.

J’ai beaucoup aimé ici, la gentillesse de gens, leur accessibilité, Birmans comme Français.
Il est à redouter que ce trait ne soit atteint dans le futur, en raison de l’ouverture du pays, de l’agressivité de certains investisseur, du développement de la consommation et de la richesse matérielle.
Je quitterai ce pays en y laissant un peu de mon coeur, et je nourris l’intention d’y revenir si cela est possible.
Bilan de la visite du petit investisseur:
Un pays sympathique, qui sort d’une longue période de sanctions (7 ans)  par l’occident, Etats Unis et Europe pour le développement duquel maint investissements devront être réalisés, dans tous les domaines.Les japonais, singapouriens et chinois sont présents, des grandes entreprises françaises viennent s’informer.
La réconciliation politique semble bien assurée.
La réconciliation nationale reste à établir.
Le premier pays dans lequel j’ai entendu des Français exprimer leur bonheur d’être là.

Walking on Shwe dagon Padoda and Inya lake will be shown on next article.

Shwedagon Pagoda3

Yangon-Shwedagon Pagoda

Shwe Dagon Pagoda is the most important buddist Pagoda in Yangon.

Close to downtown, this place consist in a terrace: In center of which is the central stûpa covered with gold leaves.

Shwedagon Pagoda3

Around the stûpa, a large space for people walking, and on side, covered spaces sheltering altars, under which people come to shelter, to pray, to meet other people, to discuss, to inquire.

I understand easily how Safran revolution could start from there.

Shwedagon Pagoda5

Shwedagon Pagoda7


Shwedagon Pagoda11


Staying in Yangon, this is a place to come several times to meet people, to meditate.

It was amazing to see such a place open to sky.






October 2012 Afternoon, arriving from Beijin. I have an apointment with my realy good friend P. who is also in Singapore. I let her doing: We shall meet Singaporians friends of her, first for a Durian apetiser. Then, we’ll attend to a familial led and very nice dinner, In an escellent sea food restaurant, around a table gathering 12 people. Grandparents, parents, parents, grandchildren, et us… Wonderfull asian hospitality! 31 octobre Lunch in Tiong Bharu: Chicken rice, on terrace. (chiken cooked in a broth, served with rice riz and small chinese cabbage, small gingember and piment sauce and broth. Very sweet. In same time a very heavy equatorian rain was falling down. Then, we had a walk in little India and Chinatown Back to the hotel. Dinner in Jade Palace Restaurant in Forum de Orchard Road. Marvelous chines meal : shellfihes, fish, meat, chinese foie gras , gambas, frogs, vine from New Zeland…. We are five, humor, joviality, quality… The evening continues outdoor , on a carpark, tables, stools and…. Durians in abundance…. A short stay in Grand parents house to say good night, and contemplate grandfather decorations . Asian way of life seems to me so sweet, wonderfull. 1 novembre I leave alone to discover new districts from the one where I’m living, Bugis. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dz-hwP-5xYU

I cross Lassale Arts School,





Then I continue, at random, short street, Rochor canal, Albert village,

_MG_6582 - Copie

Elegant apartment in Barcelona center

This is a very nice 65m2 usefull apartment in the antic center of Barcelona, just beside the Ajuntamiento( City Hall).

This apartment, for 5 people, can be rented for minimum 2 months, on base 1100€ monthly .
There are central heating and central air conditioned, Wifi

Carrer Ferran, is a street connecting La Rambla with Placa Jaume (Ajuntamiento y governitat Palaces)

Every day, from 11 o’clock the street is closed for cars and becomes a pedestrian one, very notorius.

From Balcony, we can enjoy many parades all along the year.

This apartment is located in the best place of the old historic, administrative, touristic center of Barcelona.

Inside of the antics Romans walls.

From here, you will enjoy walking in narrow pedestrian streets of Gotico, the Born where are Picasso museum and MEAM, Barcelonetta, Raval, Montjuic the montain on sea, the fort, Miro fondation, Parallel, the theaters district, Drassanes , port vell(old harbour), playas, Ciutadela park….

Barcelona is a so atractive city!

You can discover the beauty of Catalan architecture, La Sagrada Familia, Parc Guel, casa Mila, casa Batllo, casa Vicens, la Pedrera…de Antoni Gaudi, el Palau de la musica de Lluis Domenech,

Barcelona is a city of artisans, and creators, stylists, artists. Around our place, walking areas like Rambla, Boqueria market, placa Jaume, Ajuntament(Gity Hall) Governitat Palace, Cathedral, ancient jewish area, streets going towards old harbour, beaches, museums…..

Please have a look on this elegant apartment: DSC_0055This is the living room, opened on street by a large balcony where you can stay (chairs and table are on it). Enjoy balcony _MG_6584 Dining room and kitchen are separated from living room with original 19th century wood and glass partition

_MG_6592 Fridge and congelator, modern cupboard are dissimulated in an original 19th century wooden facade

Dining table is a strong ancient oak one.

Workplan is granit. There is washing machine 8kgs, pyrolysis oven, ceramic glass cooktop, cooker hood…

_MG_6605-2 Main bedroom contain a 150cm bed. Wall painting are from original.

_MG_6601 Bath area is opened on main bedroom with a large window and interior ancient wood shutters.

Washbasin in ancient english one. Mirror is catalan.


_MG_6607 A single bedroom, with a large window, large cupboard.

A single 90cm bed has been set since that photo . Original catalan


, _MG_6613-AB 2 vews on the little corridorgiving access from dining room to bedrooms

IMG_1117 - Copie Carrer Ferran from balcony

IMG_1122 Common terrace


Dining room-ancient oak table-porcelain chinese lamp-ancient light pendent



DSC_0043 Kitchen ancient cupboard interior

Follow me visiting Cities, beautifull sites in Asia, Africa, Eupope…